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Nutritional Counseling at West-Land Clinic of Chiropractic

Man cutting up peppersThe old adage, that you are what you eat, is definitely true. Nutritional counseling at West-Land Clinic of Chiropractic can help you respond more fully to our care, and simply look and feel better. A poor diet will prevent you from feeling and being your best. Eat too much junk, and your body and health will suffer. To look and feel better, eat better!

Our chiropractors have training in nutritional counseling to help people make healthy food choices and form healthy eating habits.

We offer basic nutritional counseling to all of our patients as part of our routine care. However, detailed programs can be created if the necessity and patient’s interest exist. The depth of interaction can vary from simple information exchange to creating a detailed dietary plan.

What Do Plans Include?

Our plans might include nutritional supplements, or simply information on how to make better food choices. Therefore, the cost will vary individually. When recommending supplements, there are two brands that we frequently use: Biotics Research and Solutions-4.

While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different nutritional supplement labels, these are two of several brands that we have extensive experience and training in, and therefore have our highest confidence.

What About Diets?

Keto, Mediterranean, Atkins, South Beach. The list of diets goes on and on. While there may be some benefit to all these and others, there’s no value in any of them if you can’t or won’t follow them. Instead, we believe it’s more important to equip patients with the tools they need to adopt healthy eating habits, so it’s part of their lifestyle versus a rigid diet that’s hard to maintain. We can develop customized nutrition recommendations to meet your unique health goals.

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Just as chiropractic care can help you enjoy optimal health, proper nutrition is an essential piece in the health and wellness puzzle. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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