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Looking for a small community in the Greater Pittsburgh Area? Dr. Phillip Westerbeck and Dr. Patrick Landry opened their Latrobe Area practice in the Fall of 1994. Having moved twice when our needs outgrew our previous spaces, you can find us in our 3rd location in the Lincoln Road Shopping Center on Dailey Avenue in Latrobe.

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West-Land Clinic of Chiropractic will help you feel your best!
Relief and Wellness Care

The greatest benefit of chiropractic care is the prevention of health problems before they occur. Most of our patients begin care as active patients, seeking relief of symptoms. Our goal is to help them get relief but also to understand that their health is their responsibility and that they need to take an active role in maintaining their health. We strive to create lifetime patients who value chiropractic care and its role in health maintenance.

Our goal is to improve the health of our community through chiropractic care and education.

Experienced Team

Both doctors are graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic (Davenport, IA). While having studied a variety of chiropractic techniques, both doctors were heavily influenced by the Pettibon Technique and the Palmer Package. We both are very much hands on chiropractors, we “move the bone.” However, we also utilize exercise, decompression traction, ultrasound, massage, electrical stimulation to better our results.

How We Help

We welcome everyone to our practice. We have our share of patients who use chiropractic only for acute issues. The are cared for nonetheless.

The most common question is “can you help me?” Before I can answer that, I need to examine you. I want to see your posture, how you move, feel your spine and perform some challenges to your mobility. I need to determine whether your problems are likely of a muscular, nervous, postural or arthritic nature. Depending upon what we find, we might want to see what condition of your spine is in, x-rays can be an invaluable tool to evaluate the spine or other joints and rule out other pathologies.

Our vision of a healthy individual is someone that plans ahead for each day. Planning for healthy eating and exercise daily and utilizing chiropractic care for treatment or health maintenance.

Ready to Get Started?

We envision a community that embraces chiropractic, recognizing that we are primary health care doctors, specializing in spinal health, while further understanding that we address general health through drug-less, non surgical methods.

We are ready to partner with you on your health care journey, are you ready to get started? Contact West-Land Clinic of Chiropractic today!



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